Proof of Commercialization

Tired of advisors who won’t risk their own capital on recommendations they make?  You’ve come to the right place.  When you engage iP2Biz to perform an iPScout, we often unearth early-stage technologies that show great promise but need translational research to prove their value.  When this happens, we stand behind our work in the best way possible: we put our money on the table.

An iP2Biz ProofCo® (Proof of Commercialization) is a joint venture in which we co-invest with you to verify the commercialization potential of a technology we located.  Each project is a clearly defined and tightly managed effort that will develop and further evaluate the technology according to your requirements.  At the end of the ProofCo, you may buy-out our interest in the technology at a pre-determined price or—if you elect not to proceed—iP2Biz will market the technology and we will split any proceeds/share any losses. Your interest will remain anonymous throughout the process.


A typical ProofCo works like this:

  1. Working with you through our technology scouting service, iPScout, we verify the target technology’s patentability, secure the IP rights and confirm probable market acceptance.

  2. We then form the ProofCo project, partnering with you to make the necessary investment for further development of the technology.

  3. The ProofCo is managed tightly with zero overhead and operates systematically and relentlessly. We do the work, and you get frequent progress reports.

  4. A ProofCo usually takes 6-18 months to complete, and the outcome is a market-validated, working technology ready for commercialization.  A ProofCo always includes delivery of a clean IP package (including exclusive, global rights to the technology).

  5. After ProofCo completion, we sell the ProofCo to you at a pre-determined price for further commercial development.

  6. Your name is never revealed during the process even to the researcher or start-up company who invented the technology; you are anonymous until you are ready to take control of the technology.

  7. If the technology does not pan out, we will—when appropriate—attempt to sell it on the open market, splitting any proceeds with you. If it cannot be sold, we will share the loss.


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