IPScout_funnelOur iPScout® product was developed to locate and evaluate promising early-stage technologies that can allow our clients to leap-frog their competition, launch Breakthrough Innovations and drive new growth.

An iPScout is a collaborative project that gives you visibility into a broad array of technologies at research universities and small spin-out companies world-wide, winnows down the list to those with the most promise and then delivers deep information on those you deem most interesting.  The analysis always provides you with a full IP background on the technologies, an analysis of the potential for acquisition and a view of potential competition.

Each iPScout is tailored to the unique needs of your business, and it can help you:

  • Gain visibility into early-stage technologies well in advance of your competitors.

  • Contrast and compare the nuances of varying technical approaches to the problem you wish to solve.

  • Examine strategic acquisition options anonymously.

  • Take new technologies off the table, preventing competitive acquisition.

  • Gain an objective lens on emerging technology while avoiding the biases of internal experts.

An iPScout consists of four phases:

  • Discovery: Project initiated with a discovery meeting.  We work to understand your problem statement.

  • Scan: iP2Biz  searches all available likely global sources to unearth possible technologies. We meet with your team to review the Scan results and jointly select technologies for Screening.

  • Screen: iP2Biz does more independent analysis on the selected technologies.  iP2Biz meets with your team to review Screen results  and jointly select technologies for Vet.

  • Vet Analysis: iP2Biz initiates and delivers a ‘deep dive’ on selected technology areas designed to serve as the basis for investment to include a customized analysis of effort required to effectively position and integrate the technology in its current state.  For example, if there are five similar technologies of interest the Vet report would examine all five and the space around them.

An iPScout project concludes with our delivery of detailed project proposals including plans, budgets, time frames, investments required, descriptions of the available technologies and an analysis of translational research that may need to be completed. This document serves as internal educational collateral for the sponsoring executive to provide critical analysis to peers and colleagues without significant expenditure of time.


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