What does iP2Biz really do?

Through our technology scouting, analysis and reporting service — iPScout — we help our clients unearth (discover) previously unseen, promising technologies. Once the technology has been screened and vetted, we form the proof of commercialization project (through our proprietary process of technology validation that we call a “ProofCo” project). We jointly invest in the ProofCo project with our clients. Put simply, we fast track early stage technology, move it along the commercialization continuum and then sell it to our clients.

Is iP2Biz a venture capital firm?

No, we are an Innovation Capitalist. While there are many differences between our business model and that of a typical Venture Capitalist, the key difference is the fact that we don’t go through the time and capital intensive process of building a stand-alone company. We locate and validate technology at the request of, and for the potential specific use by our clients. Our series of smaller investments in early stage technology in conjunction with our clients helps to move the technology along the commercialization continuum prior to our exit which usually takes the form of a license to our client.  

What is an Innovation Capitalist?

 Innovation capitalists are a type of Innovation Intermediary that seek out and evaluate ideas and technologies from the inventor community and early stage corporations on behalf of a client. The firm then validates, develops and refines the technology to the point where the market innovation potential is determined. All ownership rights for the innovation are delivered to the client. A proportional investment in the technology in order to reduce the client’s acquisition costs and early-stage risks are an option.

Isn't the market saturated with companies that do what iP2Biz does?

No. Certainly there are numerous patent attorneys, licensing agents, brokers, incubators, consultants, analysts and investors working with early stage technology and all are part of the innovation intermediary space. But, we are neither a broker nor an incubator. The difference?  We invest our own funds!  We are one of the very few companies that methodically invests incremental capital in discovering and developing technologies and moving them toward commercialization.

How does iP2Biz differ from a business incubator?

Our business focus is serving our clients by moving technology through the commercialization continuum. Together with our clients we evaluate very early stage technology, validate it and jointly invest in it with the goal of demonstrating the technology’s commercial potential. Then we sell it to our clients to integrate into their existing or new product mix. Unlike incubators, we do not fund and nurture startup companies.

Do you design products? Are you product developers?

Through our iPScout℠ service, we unearth early stage technologies that meet our client’s needs.  Then we jointly invest with them to demonstrate the commercial value of the technology.  If the value is proven, we sell the technology to our clients.  Our clients design and develop the products based on the technologies we jointly unearth. 

Who are your clients?

Our most successful clients are in these industries:

  • Companies that make things
  • Companies that are innovation driven or want to be
  • Companies that are Fortune 1000 in size (although we have some very happy smaller clients)
  • Companies that have either centralized or de-centralized R&D
  • Companies that are so busy with “D” that very little “R” is accomplished. ,

How does iP2Biz stay on top of so many technological advances in so many markets?

We search for new technologies with a laser-like focus defined by our client’s needs. We have established an extensive network of researchers ,universities and small spinout companies that work with us. . And, our trusted relationship with key researchers allows us to see their undisclosed technologies. 

What is an iPScout℠?

iPScout℠ is for companies looking for the next generation technology that can enhance their market position. iPScout is a fixed-fee project service that helps our clients gain visibility to previously unseen technologies and provides expansive information on technologies that can impact their strategic position.

How does iPScout℠ work?

 Our clients benefit by seeing breakthrough technologies that others can’t … and avoiding being surprised. Our clients are able to: evaluate technology against similar technologies; see what their competitors might be reviewing; and gain insight into evolving technologies that can have direct strategic impact. 

What are the benefits of an iPScout℠?

Our clients benefit by seeing breakthrough technologies that others can’t … and avoiding being surprised. Our clients are able to: evaluate technology against similar technologies; see what their competitors might be reviewing; and gain insight into evolving technologies that can have direct strategic impact.

Our proven process allows our clients to remain in control of technology commercialization while gaining a competitive advantage and reducing risk during technology acquisition. Additionally, we provide a more cost effective way of working with universities and small spinout companies. Our clients only invest capital in new technologies after seeing the commercial potential demonstrated. 

What are the deliverables with iPScout℠ and how is it priced?

The deliverables are new technologies that meet your nascent project needs.  A detailed analysis of selected technologies provides the business case for further investment. We work collaboratively with your staff, but with very minimal impact on their time.  We do all the heavy lifting. Cost-effectively packaged and priced, can be purchased separately or bundled with our other services.

Do you have experts in all industries?

We search for new technologies with a laser-like focus on our client’s needs! We have established an extensive network of researchers and universities that work with us.  At last count, more than 500 researchers in over 200 universities. And, our trusted relationship with key researchers allows us to see their undisclosed technologies.

Can iPScout℠ find a new technology for me to launch next year?

Our goal is to help you find technologies to help you navigate your long-term roadmap. Therefore, we focus on your technology interests that are at least two years out into the future.

How does iPScout℠ work with multi-divisional companies?

We understand corporate processes that guide technology acquisition. In particular we understand that each of our clients has a unique process that works for them. In the past, we have created both individualized programs for each division and  a master program that works across multiple divisions or business units. After discussing your goals, we  jointly agree on the best approach to meet your needs.

What is a ProofCo® and what does it include?

ProofCo stands for “Proof of Commercialization.” It is a designed to demonstrate the commercial potential of an early stage technology.  Funds are spent efficiently to demonstrate value.  The goals are jointly developed with our clients.  The ProofCo is managed tightly. It has no overhead and operates systematically and relentlessly within the iP2Biz process. We do all the work, with frequent progress reports to our client.

What is an early stage technology?

An early stage technology is one that falls between the 2-6 ranges on the Department of Defense Technology Readiness Level scale. The scale is a measure of the maturity of a new technology during its development.

The iP2Biz definition is demonstrated in the chart below.

Does iP2Biz seek to claim any residual Intellectual Property ownership as a result of any creative process of discovery discussions conducted between our company and the third party technology source you conduct?

No, we do not.

What do you mean by clean, packaged IP?

First, “clean” means that the intellectual property rights behind the technology are free and clear of any encumbrances, with the patent filings found to be solid and safe. “Packaged” describes the bundling of all the applicable IP assets including any additional research and development, market analyses and strategic recommendations for commercialization.

How fast is the 'Fast track from idea to Industry?'

Typically 6 to 18 months. ProofCo projects and timetables are all unique.



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