An Introduction to iP2Biz

A concise introduction to our company.

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An Introduction to Front End Innovation

A concise introduction to Front End Innovation (FEI) with infographic.  How does FEI compare to your Formal (Stage Gate) Process?  Why does FEI matter?  Why should it be managed differently than your Formal Process if you want to maximize your innovation success rate?

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An iP2Biz ProofCo® Case Study

A Fortune 100 Company asked iP2Biz to assess the current state of technology for recycling CO2, including small startup companies for possible investment. Traditional methods for recycling CO2 into useful components were not economically feasible. If a suitable means could be found for breaking the strong chemical bond, the client could convert undesirable CO2 by-product into useful raw materials to be used in their own manufacturing processes.

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Innovation Capitalist in Open Innovation

“An innovation capitalist can help companies manage the organizational and managerial challenges inherent in sourcing innovation externally. Innovation capitalists are innovation intermediaries; they mediate large firms’ interactions with external sources of innovation. In particular, innovation capitalists seek out promising new ideas from independent inventors and other sources, invest in those ideas to transform them into market-ready concepts, and sell (or license) the related intellectual property to large client firms. Drawing on a case study of an innovation capitalist firm that focuses on sourcing ideas and technologies from universities and national labs and placing them in large global technology companies, the article suggests organizational strategies and practices that can enhance the success of open innovation initiatives involving innovation intermediaries.”

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Corporations, Innovation Partners, and Front End Innovation

“iP2Biz describes Front End Innovation and how iP2Biz compares with the variety of competitors who now exist in the innovation space. The paper reviews literature conducted in the space, proposes standardized definitions, and recognized four types of innovation partners that support Front End Innovation.”

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White House Summit Recommendations

“iP2Biz CEO, John Bacon, recently served on the National Expert Panel from the Lab to Market Summit on May 20, 2013. Held at the White House Conference Center, the panel created a series of recommendations to help strengthen, accelerate, align and add value to the commercialization of federally-funded R&D.

The panel shares the Administration’s goal that U.S. taxpayers deserve the maximum return from their $140 billion annual investment in the federal R&D system. The panel unanimously supported a recommendation to create a high level Office of Innovation and Federal Technology Partnerships to coordinate and facilitate the private sector commercialization of federally-sponsored research.”

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