We like to be direct: if you are happy with the pace of innovation at your company , you don’t need iP2Biz.

If, on the other hand, you are frustrated by a lack of progress on innovation, we can explain why and show you a path to fewer frustrations and—more importantly—a more effective R&D spend.

The short story is this: your Formal (Stage Gate) Process is specifically designed to get Sustaining Innovations to market efficiently, but Breakthrough and Disruptive Innovations arise from a different process: Front End Innovation (FEI).


Classifying Innovation  Front End Innovation

Sustaining innovation is required and important, but just keeping up with the competition is not enough; your company needs Breakthrough and Disruptive innovations to support continued growth.

The problem: new ideas that could lead to Breakthrough Innovations are surrounded by uncertainty, and this means they are in the Front End. But uncertainty triggers an immune response in a properly functioning Formal Process: potential breakthroughs are killed before you can fully evaluate their potential.

The solution: manage FEI differently, treating it as separate and apart from your Formal Process. Because it is. When you start managing FEI properly, it will feed a steady diet of innovation into your Formal Process, innovation that is well-developed and vigorous enough to avoid the Formal Process immune response and make it to commercialization.

The process: hire iP2Biz—the Front End Innovation Experts—to partner with and augment your internal resources. Even if your team understands FEI, existing staffing levels were designed to support the important demands of the Formal Process, and team members don’t have the time or resources to attack innovation ideas that don’t follow the same rules. But existing team members (in the form of ad-hoc teams) can do the job if they get independent assistance in the Front End to work on the good ideas you already have.

Understanding FEI (and managing it differently) keeps the Formal Process more efficient, yields a higher percentage of Breakthrough and Disruptive Innovations and makes your R&D spend more effective.


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