Button idea bulb innovation sign business businessman iconWe are hired by senior executives, but we work with ad-hoc teams assembled from across the organization. Our projects are efficient: most client teams meet with us for no more than several hours total prior to completion of a project. We do the heavy lifting.

We work almost exclusively with companies that make physical products and need assistance with Front End Innovation, but we occasionally do business model innovation projects with other kinds of companies and government entities.

Because frustrations with the pace of innovation tend to increase as companies get larger and processes become more formalized, we generally work with bigger companies: the vast majority of our clients have revenue in excess of $750m annually, most are in the Fortune 500 and many are routinely recognized as being among the most innovative companies in the world.  Because we are strategic partners with our clients, we never reveal client identities.

We are not consultants: we deliver a product, not advice.  Despite our focus on larger companies, our projects are completed rapidly, inexpensively and at a fixed-price (including expenses); whatever your size, if you need help with Front End Innovation, we can assist.


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