Understanding the Innovation Process

We partner with big companies to break the Innovation Logjam, the backlog of untested innovation ideas for new products or new market entry.  You know you have good ideas, but it’s tough to figure out which hold the most promise: your team is too busy to chase them to ground or the return is too uncertain to commit development resources. This is where we can help.

We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies for more than ten years, developing and refining a proprietary process with an output that dramatically reduces the uncertainty inherent in innovation. When you engage us, you get a fixed-price project that allows you to rapidly and inexpensively sort the innovation wheat from the innovation chaff, commit resources and move forward, all without interfering with your established internal process or taking up the valuable time of your team.

In these seven short videos, we explain the innovation process and how partnering with external experts can help you reach your goals.  Want more information?  Contact us.


Part 1: Defining Innovation

Part 2: Intro to Front End Innovation


Part 3: Front End Innovation Complexity

Part 4: Front End Phases


Part 5: The Formal Process

Part 6: Avoiding Common Innovation Pitfalls


Part 7: Outside Input and Collaboration