Success Stories


iP2Biz: Breaking the Innovation Logjam

  • Our IPScout service found a cleantech technology that was unknown to our Fortune 500 client, who is now engaged in building a product based on this breakthrough unearthed by iP2Biz.

  • An Opportunity Assessment discovered that the energy-saving technologies and patents claimed by the small company had serious problems.  Our client, an industrial conglomerate, decided to cease further efforts to acquire the company.

  • An iPScout for a global manufacturer led to the investigation of a small company that has just been acquired for their unique non-woven process.

  • During our Innovation Forum, the team of our client’s experts, outside experts and  iP2Biz personnel developed the high level specification for a breakthrough product which will change how traffic systems are implemented.

  • By carefully examining the six methods to recover low grade waste heat, iP2Biz identified the most likely long-term winning technology and negotiated an exclusive arrangement with the inventor/entrepreneur.

  • Working on a project designed to discover emerging sensor technologies, an iPScout identified and evaluated a small company with interesting and novel IP. Our client has since purchased the company and successfully integrated the technology.

  • A client was having internal arguments over whether or not to enter an adjacent hardware market and asked iP2Biz to provide them with an independent view of the problem. After conducting an Opportunity Assessment, we recommended against the move because a software competitor unknown to our client was capturing most of the value in the market; any hardware play would have moved rapidly to commoditization. Our client abandoned the initiative and moved on to greener pastures.

  • A major global chemical manufacturer had an industrial byproduct they believed could be sold rather than put in a landfill, but they had no idea who might want to purchase it. A MarketScout found them an appropriate market, identified the best entry-point in the supply chain and provided them with a business model to attack the space.


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