About Us

We partner with large businesses, discovering promising intellectual property on their behalf and co-investing with them to assess its commercial viability, validate the technology and manage its further development. Through this proprietary process which combines our iPScoutand ProofCo products, we reduce the uncertainty inherent in new technologies and help our clients launch breakthrough products without disrupting their internal operations or existing priorities.

We also help our clients evaluate their early-stage innovation ideas. In our ten years working with Fortune 500 companies, we’ve developed a proprietary process with an output that dramatically reduces the uncertainty inherent in innovation.


An iP2Biz Opportunity Assessment™ delivers a fixed-price, 30-40 day project that rapidly and inexpensively sorts the innovation wheat from the innovation chaff, allowing our clients to commit resources and move forward with confidence.

We are NOT consultants: our engagements are fixed-price (including expenses), and we deliver a product. We don’t try to advise you on the way to innovate, change your culture or interfere with your established innovation processes; instead, we partner with you to support the initiatives you already have or are looking to launch.


iP2Biz can assist when you:

Want to discover early-stage technologies you can develop into breakthrough products.

Want to find new markets for your existing technologies or products.

Want a comprehensive analysis of a market or technology space to determine if it is attractive and available for innovation.

Want an independent analysis of your IP development portfolio.

Want customized assistance with your company’s innovation agenda.


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