Improving as a Technology Innovator

325853852_61fdbdbffaSuccessful technology innovation means looking at problems in different ways to find solutions which may not be uncovered by conventional “requirements” techniques. An impactful innovative solution is one that provides more customer satisfaction when delivered and anticipates the user’s future needs. Most of the elements you need for your next innovation are available either internally or externally. You just have to know where to find them and how to combine them.

A successful technology innovation at the Front End requires a looser problem definition at the onset and perhaps a “strawman” minimum viable solution concept for a team to evaluate. The team may consist of internal resources and collaborative external technology candidates that offer “wedge” technologies enabling a set of alternative solutions.

The team should be tasked with finding a solution that (a) costs no more from an end user perspective and (b) makes innovative use of available processes and technology. Creative thinking should be strongly encouraged in order to take a new perspective on the problem and to evaluate alternative ways that have not been done before.

Rapid idea conversion to reject alternatives and come up with the best concept leads to a development plan that leverages all internal and external resources to produce maximum value — the ultimate goal and path for improved technology innovation.

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