An Old Joke…

… asks what one gets if an Incubator is combined with an Accelerator.

The answer is …. an Incinerator!

Apparently, the Kauffman Foundation has research which indicates that – aside from social media and cloud focused operations like Y Combinator – it’s not a joke.

Now, there are certainly well managed, productive operations like Georgia Tech’s Venture Lab and ATDC, but the report above is clear that random, supply-side driven operations which just hope for the best don’t produce wealth.

This is entirely consistent with our experience.

Where exciting things happen around early stage technology companies is almost always when a corporation finds a way to connect with a NuCo (Near-university Company) and to conduct a dialogue around how the NuCo’s technology can be effectively harnessed by that corporation. It’s a demand-driven fast path to commercialization of that technology which has big benefits for all parties!

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