Innovation Logjam confirmed by GE study

new report from GE confirms that companies are moving beyond the traditional, closed model of innovation and embracing a new paradigm, one that engenders collaboration between several partners, values the creative power of smaller organizations and individuals, and tailors solutions to meet local needs.

However, a disconnect surfaced between the importance of partnerships and the need to pursue them in the near term. A “partnership paradox” presented itself in which 86 percent of global executives believe that partnerships are an important component of the new model of innovation, but only 21 percent believe finding partners is an immediate priority to innovate more on a day-to-day basis.

That’s the Innovation Logjam, and why IP2Biz is having so much success when those same execs discover our innovation partnership processes. Once they hear our story, they know they can proceed without burdens on overworked staff or disclosure of critical strategic intent.

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