Driving Growth Through Innovation


Whatever innovation path your company follows,
iP2Biz can help you reach your goals faster.



We augment the capability of large industrial companies to bring early-stage innovation ideas from the drawing board to the market or manufacturing plant. iP2Biz can help if you want to:

  • prioritize competing, early-stage innovation ideas—objectively, rather than politically—and then move forward rapidly on the ones with the most promise;
  • determine if a specific innovation idea is likely to meet with success in a market that is new to your company;
  • work with a partner who will co-invest with you to commercialize new technologies
  • locate early-stage technologies you need for a new product;
  • identify acquisition targets where valuable IP resides;
  • improve your manufacturing processes through the application of new technology;
  • solve environmental challenges;
  • find new markets for your existing technologies or products;
  • build Lean Startup capabilities to rapidly launch new products; or
  • increase the overall innovation effectiveness of your team by developing a common understanding and vocabulary for the entire innovation landscape.

iP2Biz: helping you get smarter, faster.


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“We partner with large manufacturing companies to accelerate R&D throughput by augmenting their capabilities at the front end of innovation. Our services are centered on the two most important aspects of the Front End. First, we help our clients rapidly identify innovation ideas with the best chance of commercialization, saving time and resources by focusing them on innovations that will succeed in their target markets. Second, we source, prioritize, analyze and validate external technology, allowing our clients to to focus on their business while we do the heavy lifting in the Front End.”

-John Bacon, CEO and Senior Partner.


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